Monday, November 14, 2011


Revlon released a new line of lip products that have caused quite a buzz lately in the beauty community. They are called "Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters" and they come in a array of shades and variety. Theres no doubt that this line has a shade for everyone. I love Revlon's lip products, so I knew i just had to try these, so I went to my local CVS and picked two up.
What caught my eye first, was the packaging. They are similar to the line of Revlon's Colorburst lipsticks, that have the quilted design. I love the clear sheer caps and how  they correspond to the shade inside.
I also love the see-through tops, for easy accessing the shade you want.
The tube itself is very sleek and well made. The tube twists up and down smoothly and even clicks in place, when twisted all the way back down. With the overall packaging and design of this product, I am, very impressed.
The two lip butters I choose, were "Sugar Frosting" and "Gumdrop".
Sugar Frosting is a very sheer muted pink shade. It does have some fine glitter to it, but when applied to the lips appears more as a shimmery sheen.
Even though this lip butter has fine glitter, it does apply very smoothly to the lips. The color is sheer, but it still leaves just the right amount of soft tint.
Gumdrop is a light lavendar shade and out of the two, it's defiantly my favorite. I absolutely love the color, it leaves the perfect lavendar tint to my lips.
This lip butter appears more glossy on the lips than the other, which I really do enjoy. And it does apply very smoothly, just as the other one did.
I am completely blown away with how moisturizing and hydrating both of these lip products are. I love my Korres lip butters, but in all honesty, these Revlon ones are equally as good, if not better. And for me these are way more convenient and sanitary for traveling purposes, since they are in a tube. I have heard that these will become a permanent line for Revlon and will be available almost anywhere, but for now I've only seen them at Walgreens and CVS stores near me.

I hope you find this post interesting and hope if you haven't tried these yet, that you will. They are awesome! If you have tried these, let me know below which are your favorite shades:)


  1. I've been hearing great things about these, I must try them

  2. Jessica, they are defiantly amazing & worth trying:) Let me know what shades you get!<3

  3. Girlie&Glamorous, Awe I'm sorry to hear that:( Hopefully you can find them soon!<3

  4. I new you would have a review on this :) I have looked around my city and no luck. So far! Maybe they aren't in Canada yet? They sound amazing and look gorgeous and perfect if they moisturize well!

  5. Those colors are really pretty girl :)

  6. MontserGirl, lol:) Yeah I'm happy I was able to find these since right now they are so new and hard to find. But yeah they are awesome, they moisturize very well!<3

    Babyvmacgirl, Thanks luv!!<3

  7. Hey there! That gumdrop color is very nice >.< must have!! I was reading Teresa Ellis blog about her lipstick holders, and your comment lead me here :D Its sad she doesnt make them anymore. I wanted one myself, so I decided to make one :D Please check out my work on my blog, if your still interested in lipstick holders. Thanks for your time.

  8. I just did a review of these on my blog. I really want gumdrop since I'm so into purples right now =/ Hoping I can pick it up to try it out.


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