Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NYX Jumbo Pencils Review

I love NYX's products! All the lip, eye, and cheek products that I've tried, I have loved. My favorite eye products are the NYX Jumbo pencils. They come in a array of colors and are priced around $4. I own only 8 of the bunch and these are the colors.
In my opinion, these shades that I have tried have worked amazingly well. I use these pencils as an eyeshadow base, to give my eyeshadows more of a pop. Before I apply any product to my eye area, I always use an eyeshadow primer. The eyeshadow primer I use everyday and love, is MAC's Painterly Paint Pot. I recommend always using a eyeshadow primer, and especially recommend if you are going to be using these pencils. The NYX pencils can crease rather easily on the eyelid area, so it's best to use an eyeshadow primer to prevent that creasing from happening. I also recommend to blend very well, the product from the pencils can appear very cakey on the lid area. Overall these pencils are wonderful to have in your makeup collection.
They are highly pigmented, creamy and smooth, and blend out very nicely. They help eyeshadow and pigments to stick to the lid and help in making them appear more vibrant. I highly recommend trying these pencils!

Swatched upclose above- Left to Right: "Yogurt", "Milk", "Lavender", "Pots & Pans", and "Black Bean".

Swatched upclose above- "Purple Velvet", "Dark Brown", and "French Fries".

I hope you enjoyed this review, and hope if you haven't tried these pencils yet, that you will. :) What are your thoughts on these Jumbo pencils, what shades are your fav? Please comment below and thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

My fav MAC Summer Lipsticks

My last post was on my favorite Summer Drugstore lipsticks, and if you haven't checked that out yet, please do! I wanted to add my fav MAC Summer picks, because the majority of lipsticks I own are from MAC, and I wear them most often.
Out of my MAC lipstick bunch, I have 8 favs that I have been wearing so far for Summer, and have been loving. The first three are my favorite go-to Summer pinks.
Left to Right: "Saint Germain" is a bright pastel pink shade that has an Amplified finish. I love how this lipstick looks on the lips, very bright-bubble gum pink! "Snob" is a mauvey pink shade, with blueish undertones, and has a Satin finish. This is defiantly my favorite pink from MAC, I love how it's a more muted pink, but still noticably pink. "Behave Yourself" is a light blue pink shade that has a creamy finish. It's from MAC's Sheen Supreme lipstick line and is very similiar to "Saint Germain". I really like how smooth and creamy this lipstick feels when I apply it to my lips. It gives my lips a sheer wash of pink, while leaving them super soft for hours.  

The next three lipsticks include 2 of my fav nude shades and 1 of my fav pastel lavendar shade.

Left to Right: "Faux" is a muted mauve-nude shade with a Satin finish. I love pairing it with a light neutral eye and a golden lipgloss, it looks gorgeous for Summer. "Quite Cute" is a patel lavendar shade with a Cremesheen finish. This lipstick was part of MAC's Quite Cute Collection, but could still be available at some MAC stores. I love purple smokey eyes for Summer and I love how this lipstick compliments them. "Naturally Eccentric" is a creamy white nude with a Lustre finish. It's currently from MAC's Surf Baby collection out right now. I love how light it makes my lips look and how tanner it makes me appear!

The last two lipsticks are my favorite peachy nude lipsticks.

Left to Right: "Marquise D' " is a peachy pink shade with a Lustre finish. It was part of MAC's Wonder Woman Collection, but may still be available at some MAC stores. I love how sheer this peachy pink looks on the lips, while giving the lips a nice, slight shimmery sheen. "Freckle-tone" is a neutral peach shade with a Lustre finish. The color is a true peach color that looks gorgeous with a nice Summer tan.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite Summer lipsticks, what are some of your favorite? I would love to know, please comment below and Thanks for stopping by:

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Favorite Summer Drugstore Lipsticks

I love when Summer rolls around and I can wear my brighter colored lipsticks! I still love to rock my fav nude lips occassionally during summer, but I love rocking my vibrant lipstick shades too!
Six of my favorite Summer lipticks are from the drugstore.

Pictured above from left to right: "Fuchsia" and "Soft Nude"
These two lip shades are from Revlon's Colorburst Line.. "Fuchsia" (030) is a dark Magenta pink shade and "Soft Nude" (070) is a light beige shade. Both lipsticks are a creamy consistency and are very moisturizing to the lips. Fuchsia is my favorite vibrant shade out of the bunch, because I love magenta pinks!

I have been really enjoying this lipstick from Loreal Paris in the shade "Fairest Nude"(800), along with "Soft Nude", it's another Summer favorite nude lipstick. "Fairest Nude" is a light taupe shade that has a slightly creamy consistency. I love the natural look it gives my lips when I wear it.

The last three lipsticks are from Revlon's SuperLustrous Line.
 Pictured below from Left to Right: "Pink Pout" (002) is a mauvey light pink shade with a Matte finish. I like to pair it with NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss, looks so gorgeous on the lips. "Smoked Peach" (013) is a peachy coral shade with a Matte finish. I love corals and peach shades for summer, they're so fun to wear. "Siren" (677) is a deep orange with a Creme finish. This shade can be pretty instense, but pairs perfect with a neutral eye and gives a nice vibrant pop of color for Summer.

I hope you enjoyed this fun Summer post, what are your favorite Summer drugstore lipsticks? I would love to hear some of yours, please comment below:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Besties Tag

I was tagged by Nadjia ( and (MakeupByNadjia) on YouTube to do this Summer Besties tag on my blog. Plz go check her out, she does amazing makeup tutorials and other fun videos. The Summer Besties Tag is a tag listing your Summer Favs, I will put the list at the bottom and the names of the people I tag as well.


My Favorite Lip Product for summer......

My Favorite lip product is lipstick, because for me lipstick always finishes a look. I couldn't just pick one, so my two fav lipsticks at the moment for summer are Revlon's "Soft Nude" and MAC's "Freckletone".
I love nude lipsticks for summer. Soft Nude is a creamy light beige nude and Freckletone is a glossy peachy nude.
Swatched left to right: Soft Nude and Freckletone.

My favorite blush for summer is....

I couldn't pick just one blush product, so my two fave are Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick in the color "Rose" and ELF's Duo in "Blushed/Bronzed".
Bobbi's Brick has five different colors that can be swirled together and dusted onto the cheeks. The color is a beautiful light shimmery peachy pink. ELF's blush side is a bright peachy pink, that has been compared to NARS' infamous "Orgasam". I love peachy pink blushes for summer and these two are my favorite.
Swatched: left to right- "Rose" and "Blushed"

My favorite nail polish for summer.....

I have been obsessed with this NYC- New York Minute Quick Dry polish in the shade "MoMa". The color is a gorgeous raspberry shade and looks so pretty on the nails. I love fruity colored polishes, and this one is a by far my favorite! Love, love, love it!

My favorite liquid face product......

I am big on protecting my face as much as possible from the sun. Clinque's Super City Block is perfect for doing just that. It's oil-free and has SPF 40.
The consistency is much like a moisturizer and a sun block all in one. I love to apply this in the summer and than dust some powder foundation on top.

My favorite Powder face product for summer......

Is ELF's mineralize powder foundation. I used to use Bare minerals, but when I came across Elf's version of it, I have been using it ever since. It gives you medium coverage and a very smooth finish to the face. I purchased mine from and the price was $5.00.

My favorite Hair product for summer.....

Is BIOSILK. I use biosilk all year round, but it's perfect for summer! Biosilk-silk therapy is a weightless, leave-in product that replenishes and reconstructs the hair. It treats, repairs, and protects all hair types. This product leaves my hair so smooth and soft! I defiantly reccommend this product, especially to those of you that will be at the beach alot this summer.

My favorite Eye product for summer......

Is Mascara. Alot of times in the summer, I will just put MAC's cream color base in "Hush" on the eye lids and apply my favorite mascara. My fav at the moment is Sephora's Lash Plumper. It gives my lashes tons of volume and sky-high length.

My favorite Tanning item for summer............

I don't really like using Self Tanning products, but I love this lotion for maintaining my tan. The brand is DC glow and I found it at my local tanning salon. I had gotten a spray tan, and the lady said this product would maintain my tan. It did work to maintain my tan and left my skin feeling very hydrated and smooth. I defiantly will be using this product for when i get some sun at the beach.

My favorite fashion accessory for summer.....

I love handbags and I feel they accessorize every outfit. I especially love clutches for summer because they are so light weight. My fav is this Guess Clutch. It has three pockets and can hold all of my essentials. The quality is amazing, I purchased this clutch at Macy's last year and it still looks brand new!

My favorite Clothing piece for summer....

Is this grey knit top from Forever 21. The top has peep shoulder cut-outs and is a light-weight, sheer material. The top is see-through, so I wear a white cami underneath. It's light and airy for summer and I absolutely love it.
I hope you enjoyed my Summer Besties, what are some of your favs? Let me know in the comment section below:

Summer Besties Tag:
Favorite Summer.........
1. Lip product
2. Blush
3. Nail polish
4. Liquid face product
5. Powder face product
6. Hair product
7. Eye product
8. Self Tanner (or any tanning item)
9. Fashion accessory
10. Clothing piece



The other day I picked up another NYC- New York Color Minute Quick Dry polish in the color "Park Ave". I love purple and grey polishes and this polish was a mixture of the two. I did a recent blog post reviewing these polishes and I wanted to try another color.
"Park Ave" is a gorgeous greyish grape color.
I applied three coats of Park Ave and one coat of Seche Vitte top coat.

I highly reccommend this nail polish line. They have a pretty decent range in colors and have a very nice quality. They retail for $1.72 and can be found at SuperTarget or where ever NYC is sold.

Have you tried any NYC polishes? Please comment below:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Turquoise Shatter!

OPI's New Collection of Shatter polishes was released a couple weeks ago and has been sold out since. My friend saw them today at her local Ulta and picked two of the Turquoise shatters up and gave me one! Such a sweetie!
I used two coats of "Alpine white" from OPI as my base and waited for it to completely dry and than applied one coat of my turquoise shatter on top.
Once the shatter polish was compelety dry I applied two coats of my Seche Vitte top coat.
The Turquoise Shatter is a very light shimmery teal/dark turquoise color. I am loving the color contrast of it against the white.

Have any of you tried any of the Shatters from this collection? Please comment below:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My MAC mini haul

I have a little mini haul for you guys! All the products are from MAC cosmetics.
Haul includes a lipgloss, 3 lipsticks, 1 eyeshadow, and two MAC mini's.
I purchased these MAC mini's, because I always wanted to try the Cleanse Off and the CO/Tranquil. MAC just came out with a Travel sized collection that's out right now, and these two mini's were only $10.

I purchased only two items from the new "Surf Baby" collection. This collection has special packaging that reminds me of Billabong/PacSun Surf logos.
Eyeshadow in "Short Shorts" - Frost finish, creamy white color.
Lipstick in "Naturally Eccentric" - Lustre finish, sheer light beige nude.
I purchased a lipglass from their permanent line
Lipglass in "C-Thru" is a opaque light nude color.

I purchased two lipsticks from their Sheen Supreme line which both have long sleek black packaging. 
Lipstick in "Supremely Confident" is a creamy light nude.
Lip Swatch
 The second lipstick is "Behave Yourself" which is a creamy bright bubblegum pink.
Lip Swatch

I like to see hauls from other people, their fun and sometimes I find out about new products. If you have a haul, I would love to see it! Leave a link in the comment section below.