Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NYX Jumbo Pencils Review

I love NYX's products! All the lip, eye, and cheek products that I've tried, I have loved. My favorite eye products are the NYX Jumbo pencils. They come in a array of colors and are priced around $4. I own only 8 of the bunch and these are the colors.
In my opinion, these shades that I have tried have worked amazingly well. I use these pencils as an eyeshadow base, to give my eyeshadows more of a pop. Before I apply any product to my eye area, I always use an eyeshadow primer. The eyeshadow primer I use everyday and love, is MAC's Painterly Paint Pot. I recommend always using a eyeshadow primer, and especially recommend if you are going to be using these pencils. The NYX pencils can crease rather easily on the eyelid area, so it's best to use an eyeshadow primer to prevent that creasing from happening. I also recommend to blend very well, the product from the pencils can appear very cakey on the lid area. Overall these pencils are wonderful to have in your makeup collection.
They are highly pigmented, creamy and smooth, and blend out very nicely. They help eyeshadow and pigments to stick to the lid and help in making them appear more vibrant. I highly recommend trying these pencils!

Swatched upclose above- Left to Right: "Yogurt", "Milk", "Lavender", "Pots & Pans", and "Black Bean".

Swatched upclose above- "Purple Velvet", "Dark Brown", and "French Fries".

I hope you enjoyed this review, and hope if you haven't tried these pencils yet, that you will. :) What are your thoughts on these Jumbo pencils, what shades are your fav? Please comment below and thanks for stopping by. 


  1. I absolutely friggin love my NYX Jumbo pencils. Probably my favorite, go to product in my whole kit.

  2. ITA with the MAC Painterly statement. Also a fan of these JEP's. =) Great swatches.

  3. Great review! NYX has such great products and their jumbo eye pencils are so wonderful.

  4. I wanna try those especially Milk! :D

  5. I'm glad you guys agree with me, I love these NYX Pencils so much too! I want them in every color, lol

  6. I only have 1 nyx pencil in gold....I wanna try more out, but i really don't like the creasing! you have a nice color selection i must say

  7. Alma, Thankyou:) Yea the pencils can crease badly, I like to take my 217 brush by MAC and blend them out, I've found they don't crease at all with this blending method. My favorite is Milk, makes any colored eyeshadow pop!


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