Wednesday, June 8, 2011


ELF, also known as Eyes Lips & Face is a pretty well known brand. For those of you who may not be familiar, ELF is a cosmetic company that offers extremely affordable makeup, that is comparable to many high end brands, for the fraction of the price. This review will be on their Studio line blushes.
 The four blushes I will be reviewing are "Pink Passion", "Candid Coral", "Blushing Rose", and "Fushia Fusion".

Pink Passion is a bright barbie pink color.

Candid Coral is a slight goldeny, peach color.

Blushing Rose is a mauve berry color with a hint of red.

Fushia Fusion is a light mauvey pink color with silver flecks in it.

These studio line blushes are very pigmented in color, but are rather powdery. I recommend using a very dense brush when applying these blushes. MAC's 168 and SIGMA's F40 brushes work well for me to apply them. I love the sleek, black packaging and the little mirror inside. These blushes retail for $3 and can be found on or at a SuperTarget (depending on city). I recommend these blushes, even if your not on a budget. Their value and pigmentation are well worth it.

Left to Right : Pink Passion, Candid Coral, Blushing Rose, and Fushia Fusion.

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