Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Favorite Summer Drugstore Lipsticks

I love when Summer rolls around and I can wear my brighter colored lipsticks! I still love to rock my fav nude lips occassionally during summer, but I love rocking my vibrant lipstick shades too!
Six of my favorite Summer lipticks are from the drugstore.

Pictured above from left to right: "Fuchsia" and "Soft Nude"
These two lip shades are from Revlon's Colorburst Line.. "Fuchsia" (030) is a dark Magenta pink shade and "Soft Nude" (070) is a light beige shade. Both lipsticks are a creamy consistency and are very moisturizing to the lips. Fuchsia is my favorite vibrant shade out of the bunch, because I love magenta pinks!

I have been really enjoying this lipstick from Loreal Paris in the shade "Fairest Nude"(800), along with "Soft Nude", it's another Summer favorite nude lipstick. "Fairest Nude" is a light taupe shade that has a slightly creamy consistency. I love the natural look it gives my lips when I wear it.

The last three lipsticks are from Revlon's SuperLustrous Line.
 Pictured below from Left to Right: "Pink Pout" (002) is a mauvey light pink shade with a Matte finish. I like to pair it with NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss, looks so gorgeous on the lips. "Smoked Peach" (013) is a peachy coral shade with a Matte finish. I love corals and peach shades for summer, they're so fun to wear. "Siren" (677) is a deep orange with a Creme finish. This shade can be pretty instense, but pairs perfect with a neutral eye and gives a nice vibrant pop of color for Summer.

I hope you enjoyed this fun Summer post, what are your favorite Summer drugstore lipsticks? I would love to hear some of yours, please comment below:


  1. OHHH! I LOVE the Revlon Pink Pout and Smoked Peach! ... so gorgeous! =) Some of my Fav drugstore lipsticks are the W&W Megalast ones, just $3.99 each.

  2. Hey hon, what a great post. Thanks so much for shooting me that e-mail--I can't believe I wasn't following you because I'm positive I clicked "Follow" on the top. -.- Grr, stupid Blogger! But you are so insanely sweet. <3

    Weirdly enough I don't have any favorite Summer lippies... maybe Ever Hip or Girl About Town. Okay, obviously I do lol.

  3. great post girl!! I have an obsession with lipsticks and I love when ppl recommend their favorites. I still think you need to make videos :) I would watch every single one of them!!

    xoxo Nani

  4. Nadjia, Thanlyou so much... You are such a sweetheart! I probably will start making vids soon:) I love watching your channel... I love your videos!

  5. Love all the colours ^^ great post :)


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