Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Besties Tag

I was tagged by Nadjia ( and (MakeupByNadjia) on YouTube to do this Summer Besties tag on my blog. Plz go check her out, she does amazing makeup tutorials and other fun videos. The Summer Besties Tag is a tag listing your Summer Favs, I will put the list at the bottom and the names of the people I tag as well.


My Favorite Lip Product for summer......

My Favorite lip product is lipstick, because for me lipstick always finishes a look. I couldn't just pick one, so my two fav lipsticks at the moment for summer are Revlon's "Soft Nude" and MAC's "Freckletone".
I love nude lipsticks for summer. Soft Nude is a creamy light beige nude and Freckletone is a glossy peachy nude.
Swatched left to right: Soft Nude and Freckletone.

My favorite blush for summer is....

I couldn't pick just one blush product, so my two fave are Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick in the color "Rose" and ELF's Duo in "Blushed/Bronzed".
Bobbi's Brick has five different colors that can be swirled together and dusted onto the cheeks. The color is a beautiful light shimmery peachy pink. ELF's blush side is a bright peachy pink, that has been compared to NARS' infamous "Orgasam". I love peachy pink blushes for summer and these two are my favorite.
Swatched: left to right- "Rose" and "Blushed"

My favorite nail polish for summer.....

I have been obsessed with this NYC- New York Minute Quick Dry polish in the shade "MoMa". The color is a gorgeous raspberry shade and looks so pretty on the nails. I love fruity colored polishes, and this one is a by far my favorite! Love, love, love it!

My favorite liquid face product......

I am big on protecting my face as much as possible from the sun. Clinque's Super City Block is perfect for doing just that. It's oil-free and has SPF 40.
The consistency is much like a moisturizer and a sun block all in one. I love to apply this in the summer and than dust some powder foundation on top.

My favorite Powder face product for summer......

Is ELF's mineralize powder foundation. I used to use Bare minerals, but when I came across Elf's version of it, I have been using it ever since. It gives you medium coverage and a very smooth finish to the face. I purchased mine from and the price was $5.00.

My favorite Hair product for summer.....

Is BIOSILK. I use biosilk all year round, but it's perfect for summer! Biosilk-silk therapy is a weightless, leave-in product that replenishes and reconstructs the hair. It treats, repairs, and protects all hair types. This product leaves my hair so smooth and soft! I defiantly reccommend this product, especially to those of you that will be at the beach alot this summer.

My favorite Eye product for summer......

Is Mascara. Alot of times in the summer, I will just put MAC's cream color base in "Hush" on the eye lids and apply my favorite mascara. My fav at the moment is Sephora's Lash Plumper. It gives my lashes tons of volume and sky-high length.

My favorite Tanning item for summer............

I don't really like using Self Tanning products, but I love this lotion for maintaining my tan. The brand is DC glow and I found it at my local tanning salon. I had gotten a spray tan, and the lady said this product would maintain my tan. It did work to maintain my tan and left my skin feeling very hydrated and smooth. I defiantly will be using this product for when i get some sun at the beach.

My favorite fashion accessory for summer.....

I love handbags and I feel they accessorize every outfit. I especially love clutches for summer because they are so light weight. My fav is this Guess Clutch. It has three pockets and can hold all of my essentials. The quality is amazing, I purchased this clutch at Macy's last year and it still looks brand new!

My favorite Clothing piece for summer....

Is this grey knit top from Forever 21. The top has peep shoulder cut-outs and is a light-weight, sheer material. The top is see-through, so I wear a white cami underneath. It's light and airy for summer and I absolutely love it.
I hope you enjoyed my Summer Besties, what are some of your favs? Let me know in the comment section below:

Summer Besties Tag:
Favorite Summer.........
1. Lip product
2. Blush
3. Nail polish
4. Liquid face product
5. Powder face product
6. Hair product
7. Eye product
8. Self Tanner (or any tanning item)
9. Fashion accessory
10. Clothing piece



  1. Loves it!! Biosilk, ElF's Contour powder, and Soft nude are some of my ALL TIME Favs as well :) great post. I am going to be doing this tag again soon :) My Cuzzin Krystal tagged me as well :) Xoxo!!

  2. awesome blog girl! i really enjoyed reading it :) i know it was really hard just picking one product...i kept wanting to reach for more when i was filming lol :P

  3. Great blog Mama and Thank you for the tag!!! =) *ps. I LOVE that Revlon Soft Nude l/s too* I'll be doing this tag soon! xoxox

  4. Hi there, just stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to say how pretty you are! Sorry to sound like a creeper haha. Also, love the blog. New follower here. :)

    Also, you got some great picks. I've been looking for that Biosilk Silk Therapy for months for weirdly enough everywhere I've gone has been sold out, or I just missed the latest shipment. :(

    Big fan of Bobbi Brown Rose as well.


  5. JC, Thankyou for the compliment! Sorry to hear that you can't get your hands on any Biosilk! :( Thanks for following, I will defiantly check out your webpage!!


I greatly appreciate your comment:)