Sunday, July 3, 2011

Collective Haul & Great Deals

One of my favorite things to read on blogs and to watch on YouTube, are beauty & fashion hauls. I love to find out about different beauty products, fashion pieces, and/or great deals that are currently in stores. Recently I have shopped at a couple of different stores and would like to share with you some of the great deals I got. I recently watched two videos on YouTube that had sparked my interest in the Wet & Wild products and since I have never used any W&W products, I really wanted to try these items.

@Beautybykrystal posted a video on a gorgeous eye makeup look using this "Sweet As Candy" palette from W&W. The look was so pretty, I just had to go out and purchase it!
And I'm so glad I did! All three eye shadows are extremely pigmented and at a price of $2.99...O yea..can't beat that!!

@itsjudytime posted a video on drugstore (W&W) Megalast lipsticks. Out of the colors she swatched, I wanted to try these two shades: "Mauve Outta Here"- mauvey, hot pink and "Bare It All"- peachy, beige. I am super impressed with these lipsticks! They are nice and creamy, very pigmented, and only $2.99 each! I defiantly will be trying some of the other shades.

Nordstrom & SEPHORA
I love NARS products, but oddly enough, I did not own any of their amazing blushes. I had a giftcard to Nordstorm and I wanted to pick one up! I wanted a blush that was a little mauvey and bronzed. So I picked out "Oasis" and I'm extremely happy with it. It is exactly what I wanted and looks gorgeous on the cheeks. It's pigmentation is out of this world, one tap with my blush brush is all I need.

I have posted about this mascara before, it is the Sephora "Lash Plumper" in 01 black. I have been obsessed with this mascara, so it's no secret, I had to purchase another one. It gives my lashes length and volume, and best of all it's gives them curl! I have rather long, but straight lashes and this mascara gives my lashes tons of curl! This product can be purchased at Sephora and retails for $12. I highly recommend this mascara.

I went to my local Ulta recently, because I needed more facial toner and hand cream. I like to try new products, unless I come across a product that I can't live without. I was out of my Clinque Clarifying Lotion(toner) and needed to purchase a new toner. I wanted to try this Purifying Toner by Boots N'7, because I have heard good reviews and because I have never tried this brand before. It states it's Hypo-allergenic, cools and refreshes, and leaves the skin shine-free. I will review this product later with my thoughts and opinion. Retails for $7.99

I needed to pick up some hand cream, because I was running out of my other one, and since I use hand cream several times a day. I picked up this Booth- "Honey & Almond Hand Cream" mostly for the amazing scent, but also for what it says it does. It retails for $4.99.

Everytime I step foot into an Ulta, I always go check out their nailpolish section. At my Ulta, they were selling the OPI "Shrek" collection polishes for, 2 for $10. Since I already own "Rumples Wiggin's", and didn't care for the other colors, I picked up these two. "Funky Dunkey" is a deep purple color and "What's With The Cattitude?" is a baby blue color. Since I didn't have similar colors in my nail polish collection, I wanted to purchase them.

Also at my Ulta, the Essie nail polishes were "Buy 2, Get 1 free". "Too Too Hot" is a pretty red, orange color; "Merino Cool" is a greyish purple; and "French Affair" is a light pink. I love Essie's nail polishes, because of their formula. They retail for $8 each, but I got 3 for $16, which is a great deal, especially for nail products I love.

I went to Bath & Body Works recently, to check out their Semi-annual Yellow Tag sale. I picked up these two candles in the scents, "Pineapple Orchid" and "Caribbean Escape". They both smell fruity and have floral scents to them. I love B&BW's candles and these two were 50% off! I also picked up these little black with silver accented baskets, because they were so little and cute, and 90% off. Great for storing beauty, makeup, or any random products in. If you haven't yet, check out your local Bath & Body Works store, and pick up some goodies!

I love great quality brand shoes at a discounted price and who doesn't! At DSW, they have high-end brands for a much lower price. I picked up these beautiful GUESS, nude colored wedges. I love the Guess brand and fell in love with these wedges. They are super comfy, and have such a classic look. They retail for $49.95.

I hope you enjoyed my Collective Haul and hope you go out and take advantage of the great deals too! Have you tried any of these products? Please comment below and thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Oh my, you got so many great things!! :) Thank you so much for the shout out, I'm so flattered that you liked my video and that you like the look too! :) I hope you post your Sweet As Candy look soon!

  2. I really like how you setup this post; very fluid read-through. Oasis looks fantastic on you, as does Sweet As Candy (the only WnW palette I liked enough to buy). Awesome haul! :)

    I also really want to go buy shoes again; I LOVE Guess sandals.

  3. JC, Thanks I had so many pics I needed to put them together lol. I love Guess sandals too! So stylish and comfy!

  4. OMG That Nars Blush looks Amazing. i have to say I don't have that Wet n Wild Trio looks pretty and so does Bare it All. Love the Post

  5. Thanks Cathy! <3 Yea I'm obsessed with my Oasis blush! I'm going to post my first makeup look using this Trio... and Bare It All is such a pretty nude!

  6. Ohhhh! Love this! ... Those W&W lipsticks are amazing, I've bought a bunch of them myself, LOVE THEM! ... && those OPI colors are so cute! && I think I might try that C.booth stuff. I saw some today in ULTA, but didn't pick it up. Thanks for the blog babes, its awesome xoxo

  7. I love the Wet N Wild and the OPI Polishes Super cute :)


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