Sunday, December 11, 2011


I know I recently just did a post on Revlon's lip butters, but I've came across a product that I just had to share with you guys. I know many of you probably have heard about this product already, or even own it by now. The product is FRESH'S Sugar Lip Treatment and it is the only one I have tried so far. There are many other tinted colors, but I mainly purchased the plain original one, for moisturizing purposes only.

I've used this lip treatment for 2 weeks and can already see a difference in my lips. They always feel soft and hydrated, and my lipstick goes on much more smoother and looks alot better on my lips. I love that I don't have to apply it so often as I would other lip balms and/or lip conditioners.

The lip treatment doesn't leave any color on the lips, which is perfect for when I put my lipstick on. The texture is very smooth, not sticky, and feels very silky on the lips.

I am defiantly hooked on this product and will defiantly repurchase. I absolutely love the packageing, very sleek. My favorite part is the twist screw closure.

I love that you can throw it in your purse and not worry about it opening and getting messed up. Overall this is a wonderful product. It retails at $22.50 and I purchased mine at Sephora during their 20% off Friends & Family Sale, so I did get it for a bit cheaper. I still highly recommend trying this lip treatment, right now Sephora has many holiday sets with these Fresh lip treatments, that are very great deals. If you haven't checked them out, defiantly do.
Thanks so much for reading, if you have tried this product or any of the other tinted ones, please let me know in the comment section below:)


  1. Ooo that really sounds great! I would love to try one of these but for the price I couldn't let myself:( great that you got it cheaper!
    The packaging is cute And that would be nice to have the lid stay securely on!

  2. Jessica, Welcome luv!<3

    Montsergirl, Yeah it is defiantly pricey! I'm on the hunt for a lip treatment that delivers the same results as this fresh one, but at a more affordable price. I will keep you posted!:)

  3. I love this product I have the original and 2 tinted ones. I also just started using Fresh's soy facial cleanser (from a gift set, so it's not full sized) last week with my Clarisonic. So far so good!!

  4. Girlie&Glamorous, that Fresh cleanser sounds good! I've been using the Philosphy purity cleanser with my Clariosonic Mia, but I think next I want to try that Fresh one!:)

  5. I've been meaning to get a lip balm just for conditioning purposes. I don't get hydrated enough, so I tend to get chapped lips often. This sounds promising.

  6. Yeah I was getting real chapped too, but since using this Fresh lip treatment, I've had really soft & super hydrated lips:) Hope you give it a try, I know you'll love it!<3

  7. you and your pretty lippies!! great review too, thanks for sharing :)))

  8. I love this stuff! I did a review of it on my blog too. Have you tried the sugar lip scrub? That's amazing too!

    And Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is AWESOME! I use that with my Clarisonic. After removing all my makeup with makeup remover & wipes, the soy face cleanser still removes everything I might have left behind. And I love how gentle it is. You gotta try it :)

  9. Lisa, Thanks so much for the recommendation! I will defiantly have to try that Face Cleanser:) Sounds amazing! I will be checking your blog out!<3


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