Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~*Mini Giveaway*~ CLOSED

First and foremost I would like to thank you guys for being so supportive and for showing interest in my blog. To show my gratitude with all of you, im having this mini giveaway. This giveaway is only for my current loyal followers. I don't want other people to follow my blog just for this giveaway, and i don't think its fair for all of you who follow me now. For my current 55 followers, this Mini Giveaway is for you!

Important Info:
* You must be one of my 55 followers to win a prize
* This giveaway will end on August 16th at 11:59pm.
* I will choose the two winners and contact them, both through email and twitter
* All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, telling me what's your favorite thing that you enjoy from my blog and which prizes you would like to win

The Prizes:
* Out of these brushes, you will have the choice of 1 face brush and 1 eyeshadow brush:

A Brand New F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki Face Brush

A Brand New F35 Tapered Highlighter Face Brush

A Brand New E55 Eye Shading Eyeshadow Brush

A Brand New E35 Tapered Blending Eye Brush

* Out of these prizes below with your choice of 1 Face brush and 1 Eye brush, you will have the choice of either the Ulta Set with lipgloss, or the Nail Set with mascara

Ulta Set
Includes: 2 Eyeshadow quads, lipstick, dual ended lipgloss, blush, eyeliner, lipliner, mascara, nail polish, and makeup bag

A Brand New Stila Lipglaze in the color "Raisen"

Nail Set
A Brand New Mini Nail Polish Set from the New collection "Coming To America"

Ulta Mascara
A Brand New Ulta Lash Icon Volume Mascara in the color "Jet Black"

* All prizes were purchased by me!
* I hope you all enjoy this "Thankyou" mini giveaway! I appreciate all of my lovely followers, your interest and support. Thankyou!


  1. yes ma'am, enter me please!!!

    my favorite thing on your blog are the nail polish posts b/c I love nail polish!!!

    email: fixyourfacemakeup@gmail.com
    twitter: mamadramanyc

    let's see, I'd like the Sigma F80 & E35 plus the nail polish set & mascara :)))

    yaaaaaayyy!!! I wanna win this one and have a good feeling about it haha :DDD

  2. MY favorite things in your blog was how to achieve soft and smooth lips that really helped me out. I would like to get the Sigma E35& E55 and the Ulta set. Thank you for giving this really great mini giveaway :) email: babyvmacgirl@gmail.com

  3. Aww thanks for the giveaway...
    What I like about your blog is the reviews you make about products.. When you share and recommend an item its easier to see if we would like to try it or not lol :)

    Wow i love every gift :)
    I'll choose the F80 & E35
    The nail polish set
    The eye shadows and mascara

    My email is.

    And twitter

  4. Omg!! This is super generous and an awesome giveaway! I'm a pretty new follower..been following for about a month or so, so I hope I can still enter! D;

    If I can, then I would love the F80, or E35. Hmm and my choice would be the lipgloss and eyeshadow quad. Yay!
    My fave thing about your blog is your nail polish pics, (you paint them so perfectly lol, I also enjoy your honest reviews. Thanks again for the giveaway,
    Email- cmsings@aol.com (following as Cerina)

  5. awesome giveaway!
    I love when you share whats in your personal kit, like your fave sigma brushes and your clear glass makeup case. I love reading stuff like that.
    I would choose the F80 and the E35!

  6. I honestly love when you do posts on nail polish colors!!! I love the colors you always pick very gorgeous!! Thanks for this giveaway sweetie!!!
    I'd like to win the sigma E35
    And of course the nail polish set ;)
    Thanks again sweetness.. >33

  7. Wow what an awesome giveaway!! :O
    I would chose the F35, or E35 or nail set! :) The choice is so generous! And wow!! :O
    My favourite thing about your blog is your honesty, your nail polish pictures - I am a big nail biter and your the only blogger I get really jealous at for not having much nails lol I love your in depth blog posts! I love the pictures of your darling princesses! I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR MUJI DRAWERS AND THERE CONTENTS. I love the layout of your pictures in post! I love everything, its just one of those blogs I love coming back to, and love seeing new posts :)

  8. Thanks lovelies for your entries and sweet comments:) Please all keep in mind that you get the choice of a face brush, a eye brush, and a set:) Example: I would like to win a F35( face brush), a E55 (eye brush), and the Ulta Set with lipgloss!<3 I can't wait to pick the winners!!:-)

  9. What an awesome giveaway, I love that you did it for your current followers as opposed to, to get new followers :)

    My favorite part about your blog is the nail polish posts because you always update me on what's IN in the nail polish world, I'm good at fashion but for some reason I can't keep up with nail polish! Oh and my favorite post thus far has been your make up organization one (because I'm an organization freak!)

    if you choose me, I'll be happy with the E80, the E55 and the nail-polishes :) yippee


  10. :O you're giving away a F80? *excited excited*
    I love your nail posts the best, you have great taste :D
    I'd love to win a F80, E35 and the Ulta set! :)

  11. yay! thank you babe for this sweet thoughts! I enjoy everything you post in your blog dear. From interesting hauls to product reviews:) This is an awesome idea as well for being fair to those people who really cares and support each other's blog not just for the sake of winning a giveaways!I've recently hosted a giveaways,and so shocked to find out that there are lots of people who only follows and joined because of the giveaways:( Then after announcing the winner, they unfollow one by one:/ So sad..It's alright then, atleast I know who the real ones are:)

  12. Aimee, Thanks!<3 Sorry to hear that people did that to you, not nice! That's the main reason I did my giveaway, this way, because I want people to genuinely follow my blog, because it's helpful to them:)

  13. you are so right! I should've done my giveaways like this way too!;(, anyways,it's not too late. Promise to do giveaways again ONLY for those who are genuinely people who really supports and cares :) keep doing what you love hun, cause your blog is indeed interesting one!

  14. Yay giveaway!!!!! well let me tell u one of the most interesting things that i like about the blog is the way u review thing ur specific about everuthing...i must admit u blew me off when i seen the MUJI thats something that will be a must for the way u said where to get and the way u said u will like to give one away in a give aways describes how nice and onest u are.. Enter me please!!! love the F80 and the E35 thanks for sharing and let the lucky one win.

  15. Thankyou so much everyone, for your sweet entries!! It will be super hard picking the winners!<3

  16. I like that your blog has great descriptions of products (from the color to how you would wear it) and lots of photos. This helps me decide if I want to try a product (or not).

    I'd like the F80 and E55 brushes and the nail/mascara set =)

    My email: Laurenmp126@gmail.com

  17. Wow that is so nice of you to purchase this yourself for the winners! You really didn't have to do this,we like reading just for fun!But so sweet =)
    I like your reviews, as well how you have so many pictures to see everything on the product as well how it is when you use it, so helpful!!
    The flat top kabuki looks amazing! =D
    I also hear the E55 is good, that would be nice to use!The Ulta shadow & Lip gloss(Very pretty colors!)

  18. I love how honest your reviews are and I love how you #FF me on twitter :0 I also love how professional yet fun your blogs are. I love reading them :) amazing work love <3

  19. Hiii Jessssicaaaa!
    My favorite part of your blog is all the nail polish swatches! i swear I NEEED each one you post! inpaint my nails twice as much now! lol. personally I would
    love to try the F80&E35, also I love how cute the ultra set is! :) but either one! lol,
    email: raeleneashleyxo@gmail.com
    Twitter: @ayeeRAE

    thanks sweetie!

  20. awwww i'm the 56th follower , how sad lol



  21. This is so generous of you Jessica :)
    What I love on your blog is your passion to share your experiences on beauty products -- you have tested, swatched, reviewed and recommend it if applicable. Whats best is how you keep friendship between you and your followers. :)
    I would love to try the f80 and f35, and the nail set would be awesome too!
    Tweeter @jyzreyespadilla

  22. Hey love !! What an amazing give away !!
    I love all you post I can't choose !! But I do like when you blog about lip items !!

    Thanks for this and good luck to everyone !!



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