Saturday, August 13, 2011

NYX & Revlon Lippies!

I recently purchased a few lip products from NYX and Revlon cosmetics and I wanted to share with you, the colors I picked up.

I picked up two of NYX's Soft Matte Lip Creams.
I have heard alot of great things about these magical lip creams, so I wanted to try a couple of them.

Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa is a bright fuchsia pink color.
Tokyo is a light peachy pink color.
I love the silky smooth way both lip creams applied to my lips. Not only do they appear matte, they both last extremely long on the lips. They leave my lips feeling nice & hydrated, which is something matte lipsticks typically don't deliver. I will defiantly be purchasing more of these amazing lippies. Priced at $6/each and can be found at Ulta, or wherever Nyx cosmetics are sold.

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped into Walgreens to pick up a few things and like always went and browsed the makeup aisle.
I wanted to try these two shades, mostly because I don't own any Revlon lipsticks, with matte finishes.

Stormy Pink
Stormy Pink is a medium berry pink color.

Sky Pink
Sky Pink is a light neutral pink color.
Although I love Revlon's lipsticks and their textures, I did not care for neither of these matte shades. They both felt very drying and did not apply smoothly to the lips. I will not be purchasing any more Matte finished lipsticks from their line.

I did pick up two Revlon-Creme lipsticks as well.
I love Revlon-Creme lipsticks so much and thought these two colors would be gorgeous.

Fire & Ice
Fire & Ice is a deep red orange color.
I love this fiery red color! It applied very smooth and silky to the lips, as these Creme lippies typically do.

Primrose is a light blue toned pink color.
Primrose reminds me so much of Angel lipstick by MAC, but creamier. I love both of the Revlon-creme lipsticks and I want to pick up more colors. Their creamy textures and opaque shades make them the ideal & perfect lippies.

I hope you enjoyed this lipstick post and maybe saw a shade or two you wanted to try. What are your must have lippies? Please share below


  1. Wow, they all look great on you, especially Stormy PInk ^^

  2. They're all pretty on you:) I like the finishing of NYX soft matte cream,it doesn't look dry on your lips, unlike the Revlon's matte lippie.I havn't tried any Revlon's matte either cause I prefer more glossy and moisture rich one:) Great reviews dear:)

  3. Michelle, Thankyou:)

    Aimee, Thankyou!<3 Yeah I prefer more of a creamy texture when it comes to lipsticks, but I love the Matte textures of the NYX's lip cremes! Love them, let me know if you try any colors:)

  4. I have beene eyeballing that Stormy Pink one... maybe im fascinated by the name. Thank you for swatching it. :) I might grab them now. :D

  5. Addis Ababa (sp?) is a gorgeous color!! I love it so much. Now I want it! Lol :)

  6. I have a matte lip cream too and I love the application ... not so crazy about the scent though..... tokyo looks really pretty on you!

  7. I like all the colors. I want to go buy some of the lipstick now :)

  8. Alma, Thankyou:-)

    Baby, Let me know which ones you pick up!<3

  9. The swatches looked gorgeous. And I love NYX!

  10. Wow those Nyx are gorgeous!!!! I love them :)same with the stormy pink! Those are my favorite ones, I will have to try to find them :) great post girl! Love all the photos you always take!!

  11. Jessica, Thanks Me too!!<3

    TaYgan, Thankyou! I try to take the best quality pics I can and I'm glad you like them!!:)

  12. Everytime I see a NYX gloss post it makes me want to run out and grab some for myself! Also, you have such a darling little pout, so pretty!

  13. love the nxy matte lip cream i think i need pink looks good i might check them out thanks for sharing what ur fave.

  14. The tokoyo s gorgeous! I want it so much xx

  15. Both of those lip creams are going on my list you sold me with the swatches lol!
    Great post thanks for sharing.

  16. Meredith Jessica, Awe Thankyou!!<3

    LetMeBee, Glad it was helpful!:)

    Lovelain94, Yeah Tokyo is one of my favs!!<3

    Mh8, You won't be disappointed:) Glad my post was helpful!<3

  17. I neeeeeeed to get me some NYX lip creams!!! They look amazing, especially on your gorgeous plump lippies :))) I also own Stormy Pink and Fire & Ice and I agree with you, Revlon creme finishes are sooo much better than their mattes. I really like the color of Stormy Pink--but to really make it work I had to apply about 7 coats haha... so it's way too much of a hassle. Fire & Ice I got yesterday and seeing it in my fluorescent bathroom light scared me just a bit... I'll try it again in daylight today, I think it could be a really interesting color, if worn with proper attire haha... aaaah I love to blab about makeup, I get carried away sometimes... sorry for the essay lol

  18. Maryam, Thanks doll!<3 I am in love with NYX's Lip Creams, they are amazing, let me know what shades you pick up!:) Yeah Stormy Pink is my least fav, it's just Too matte and not pigmented enough:( But I love Fire & Ice, it's so gorgeous! I think you would look amazing in that shade, you can pull off any color !!<3


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