Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm sure many of you own this product already, and for the longest time this item was on my wish list. When Sephora had their 20% off Friends and Family sale, I finally went ahead and picked it up.
Dior's Amber Diamond is such an amazing highlighting powder. It leaves the most beautiful, soft, and glowing sheen on the cheekbones or wherever it is applied. It's no wonder that so many people rave about this product, because it is every bit as wonderful, as people say it is.

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, as Dior packaging always is.

Comes in a really cute velvet pouch with the Christian Dior initials on it. The overall packaging is a plus, especially the very convienent mirror inside. However, the product inside is the reason for purchasing.

Ultra Shimmering All Over Face Powder Description:
As sheer and shimmering as silk, the Diorskin Shimmer Star brightens the complexion with thousands of sparkles to a sea of finely milled shimmer. What is the secret of these unique reflections? Just the right amount of pearlescent particles and pigments designed to give the skin a beautiful sheen. The result: in just one step, your face radiates with a delicate halo of light.
This is by far the prettiest highlighting powder that I have ever used or have owned before. It truely does give such a glow to the skin, and for the quality, it's defiantly worth the splurge. It retails for $44, which is alot of money, however, if your looking to splurge on one beauty item, I would defiantly recommend this one. I hope you enjoyed reading, if you own any other Dior products that you are loving, please share them in the comment section below. Thankyou.



  1. I've been eyeing these shimmer powders at work too. I always swatch them LOL. Still thinking if I should invest in some. They look so pretty & the one you chose looks great on your skintone!

  2. Ooooh! Way to snag a great sale on a great piece. I agree, that highlighting color is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Great and smart buying ;) hahaha its very gorgeous!

  4. Lisa, Thanks! You should defiantly pick one up, so worth it, and it has a ton of product:)

    Meredith Jessica, I'm glad I picked it up during the sale, I'm in love with it!<3

    Jessica, Thanks luv! I know right, LOL:)

  5. AW! IT'S SO PRETTY! I've seen this around a lot in the blog world, but I don't think it'd look as good on me. lol! It's so gorgeous in the photos though!

  6. Krystal, Thanks yeah I thought it wouldn't look good on me either, but it looks so pretty!!<3

  7. this sounds Amazing ... I am always buying highlighters.. I think I'm obsessed !! currently love NARS albatros and Bobbi Browns Shimmer palette .. but now after reading this... who knows I might give it a go... love the swatch

    for sure following your blog now hun . great post


  8. Lizbeth, I love highlighters too!:) How are you liking NARS Alabatros? I have been wanting to try it! Thanks for following my blog, glad you enjoy reading my posts!<3

  9. I love makeup that comes in cute packaging makes me wanna use to more :) HeHe Great Post!! <3 the shade!

  10. KittyVixen, Me too, I totally agree, the packaging is so appealing:)

  11. It's on my wishlist too! I love Dior simply gorgeous :-)

  12. Hey hon, I tagged you in my latest post for the 11 questions tag. Sorry I don't normally hassle people with these but it's actually a fun tag! http://emmaloeskow.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/boglovin-and-11-questions-tag.html

  13. Your not alone I still don't have it lol. But glad you finally got to pick it up, it is absolutely gorgeous! And velvet packaging wow!

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