Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A few of my favorite lipsticks

Lipstick for me is essential in any of my make up looks. I love lipstick and probably have way too many. My favorite brand is definatly MAC's, because of their formulation. A few of my favorite lipsticks from MAC are "Blankety", "Snob", and "Creme D' Nude". Another one of my favorites is "Belle De Jour" by NARS.

"Blankety" is a Amplified lipstick from MAC. The shade is a pretty brownish base nude and leaves a creamy finish to the lips.

"Snob" is a Satin lipstick from MAC. It is a pink based shade with blue undertones. If you like pink lipsticks, you should definantly go out to your closest MAC counter and try it out.

"Creme D' Nude" is a Cremesheen lipstick from MAC. It is the prettiest nude shade and leaves the lips with a glossy sheen.

NARS "Belle De Jour" is a pink based, beige nude shade. The consistency is very creamy and gives a pretty sheen to the lips. It is said that this lipstick is one of Kim Kardashian's favorites, and I can see why. A defiante gorgeous lipstick.

Below are swatches of all four lipsticks from left to right: Blankety, Snob, Creme D' Nude, and Belle De Jour.

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