Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sweet Smelling Candles

I love sweet, yummy smelling candles. My three favorite at the moment are "Frosted Cupcake", "Vanilla Bean", and "Salty Caramel."

"Frosted Cupcake" is by Slatkin & Co. which can be found at Bath & Body Works. The scent is definantly true to it's name, like sweet just frosted cupcakes.

"Vanilla Bean" is by WoodWick, and I purchased mine from Bed Bath & Beyond. I love WoodWick's candles because they "create a soothing sound of crackling fire"- quoted from the bottom of my candle (lol). Which in fact they really do! While giving off the most rich vanilla scent throughout the home.

"Salty Caramel" is another candle from Bath & Body Works. The scent reminds me of pecan prailine ice cream for some reason. The smell is so yummy makes me crave something sweet everytime!

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