Sunday, May 29, 2011

Products I've been loving

These products are products the I have been using everyday, and that I have been loving. The bunch includes:
LUSH's "Sweet Lips" Lip Scrub, MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, MAC's "Hush" Cream Color Base, SEPHORA's Lash Plumper Mascara, NARS' Lipgloss in the shade "Striptease", and ANASTASIA's Clear Brow Gel.

LUSH's Lip Scrub is an amazing exfoliater for my lips. Everytime I use use this scrub, it leaves my lips feeling so super soft. The sweet smell and taste is a plus too.

I set my foundation everyday using MAC's Mineralize, the product leaves my skin with a very natural, fresh finish.

I always use my MAC cream color base in the shade "HUSH" under my powder blushes. I have oily to combination skin, and this base holds my blush on all day. The shade is so universal and creates a smooth base for any color blush.

I have been looking for a mascara that gives me volume and length, and I have finally found it! This Lash plumper mascara from Sephora is amazing! I have long but very straight lashes, and this mascara gives me curl, length, and volume all at the same time.

I know alot of people are familiar with NARS products and especially Nars' "Turkish Delight", well this lipgloss is definantly a high contender. It gives the perfect finish to the lips, with or without lipstick. A definate must-have for me at all times.

This is my first Anastasia product that I have tried. It came in a deluxe sample bag from ULTA, and I've been loving it. I have thick eyebrows with a high arch, and this Brow gel leaves them maintained throughout the whole day. I highly recommend this product.

Two of my favorite makeup brushes that I use every single day are the SIGMA F80 and the SIGMA F35.

This Flat top kabuki brush is the perfect applicater for liquid foundation. I use it on a daily on my face with liquid foundation, gives me a well blended and flawless finish everytime. The bristles are synthetic, and extremely soft. Feels amazing to the touch and gentle to the face. This brush also eliminates product waste. The bristles are so dense, so the brush doesn't absorb majority of the product, instead distributes it onto the face.

This F35 is a tapered brush that can be used for highlighting, contouring, and blush applications. I use this brush everyday to contour my face. The tapered style allows me to place the product where I want it.

I highly recommend both of these makeup brushes, you can check them at this link:

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